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Choosing and developing the best-possible talent is vital for the long-term health of an organization. Having the right people in the right roles can mean certain success for your company. Making the wrong choices can be disruptive, demoralizing, or worse. The cost to you is not measured just in dollars and time; credibility can be lost as well.

Gilmor Associates has been helping public and private sector organizations accurately assess and develop their high potential and executive talent for over 30 years. We set high standards for ourselves. Far too much is at risk to do otherwise – your organization’s success, an individual’s career and our reputation.

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Our Services

Our Services


Gilmor Associates specializes in the assessment and development of top talent, the people who drive your organization’s success. They represent a significant investment and you cannot afford to see these individuals languish or fail.

After gaining an understanding of your organization’s mandate and culture, we assess the individual’s qualities of character, leadership potential, relational skills and intellectual capability. We discuss the results with you to determine how close the match is between what the organization needs and what the individual brings. We pay particular attention to risk factors and whether they can be managed.


Our assessments can be of help in selection and succession-planning decisions, as well as in high-potential talent identification and leadership development activities. Our findings are based on data gathered through formal interviews, well validated assessment tools and professional judgment. What we deliver is a complete, accurate and insightful picture of the strengths and developmental needs of each individual you refer. This can be leveraged to augment performance potential and organizational success.

Talent Development

Coaching is most effective when based on a thorough, objective assessment, including 360° feedback. We profile the individual’s capabilities against the demands of their job and then make a determination about the suitability of a coaching regimen. We want it to be both beneficial and cost-effective.

Support & Renewal

There are events and circumstances which arise that test us to the core – destabilizing losses, excessive job demands, relationship troubles. We have all had moments when we needed to turn for help for ourselves or a member of our family. Among the top-tier resources to which we can provide confidential access is the Listening Advantage Program. This method of auditory stimulation enhances listening, self-expression, energy level and mental alertness. It is an effective antidote to the effects of negative stress. Your organization can make such help available to its executive talent through us.

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